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Become a JAVA developer. Kick start your carreer learning one of the most popular programming languages on the earth. Learn Java 11 and become Jr Software engineer JAVA.


You will learn

  • Working with IDE
  • Basic data structures
  • Software development and testing
  • Multithreading (java.util.concurrent.*)
  • JVM internals
  • Performance - common issues and solutions
  • JPA - tools, caches and optimizations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networking and communication protocols
  • Reflections and code instrumentation
  • Security and crypto basics (*)
  • Working with APIs - building and using a REST API
  • Good coding practices
  • Using Java with Linux
  • Source control and building tools (Git, SVN, Gradle, Maven, ant)
  • Design patterns
  • Building a web application



Axway .NET Academy with C# is aimed at developers who are new to the .NET, who need to get up to speed quickly with C# language fundamentals and to understand and use effectively its functionality. The hands-on labs reflect useful real-world scenarios and best practices. The course covers the fundamentals of the C# language and features extensive hands-on exercises with Visual Studio.


You will learn

  • Understanding .Net Framework and .Net Core and different runtimes (CTS, CLS; CLR/DLR, GC;. NET Core
  • Task Parallel Library, async/await and Synchronization
  • SOLID principles
  • Web API (Classic, .NET Core)
  • Database (Lambda, LINQ, EF, ADO)
  • Tiered Architecture (Repository Pattern, Unit of Work; Refactoring, DI/IoC)
  • WPF (XAML, MVVM, STA model and synchronization, Background workers)
  • Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# (Automation testing, Selenium WebDriver, Element Identification with Selenium, Mouse and Keyboard Interaction, Implicit and Explicit Waits)
  • Automation Testing Best Practices
  • TDD Types of testing, Unit tests; Designing for testability; MSTest/NUni; Moq
  • Source control (GIT, GitFlow, CI/CD, TFS, Project lifetime/management for developer)


Coming Soon

Join the world of Continuous Integration and Continuous Development. If you want to become a most wanted IT engineer, work with Linux, cloud and containers infrastructure, become a master of automatization using bash, python, and other languages, join this track.

Starts April 15th in Sofia

  1. 15April
  2. 10Weeks
  3. 1July

Starts on 15.04 for Java and 16.04 for C#.
Training is scheduled for 10 weeks,
2 times a week.

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4 hours course from 9:30 to 13:30 at Dreamlabs training center:

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Additional evening seminars dedicated to soft skills, team play, and effective communication.

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Why Axway Academy?

Axway Academy is aiming to train and give an opportunity for a career start for 60 ambitious engineers.

We want to help you learn from our best engineers and get a fly start of your career.

We have prepared a selected program aiming to present to you real business cases and problems with a balanced schedule for sessions twice a week.

At Axway we not only value the technical knowledge and experience but also, we understand the importance of the team communication and collaboration.
That is why in addition, we will provide free evening seminars dedicated to soft skills training, team play, and effective communication.

Who is this for?

Axway Academy is ideal for University students with computer and programming disciplines.

It will give you relative knowledge to become a Jr Software Engineer professional in the Java or C# developer tracks.

If you are consistent, hardworking and motivated you will be given the chance to kick start your IT career.
Best students will be offered a job position.