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Learn core programming concepts, best practices and industry standards. Show us your passion for writing strong code and receive a job opportunity.

Course format

  1. Stay a while and listen. There will be lectures on various topics several times a week.

  2. Analyze a small problem from the real world to solve using the tricks you have just learned.

  3. Build a small application to resolve the problem.


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20.10 JavaScript,
Node.js and
Axway Arrow

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12 lectures - 3 per week, one assignment per lecture and one project.

Part 1: JavaScript

  • JavaScript Core Concepts
  • JavaScript Programming Paradigms and Design Patterns
  • ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript
  • JavaScript Engines
  • JavaScript Module Standards

Part 2: Node.js

  • Asynchronous Programming (Event Loop and Control Flow Mechanisms)
  • Streams in Node
  • Development workflow with npm
  • Servers, Databases, and Tools from Node ecosystem

Part 3: Axway Arrow

  • Arrow Installer and Platform
  • Arrow Building Blocks
  • Arrow Connectors

20.10 Java in Practice

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10 lectures - 2 per week, one or two assignments per lecture and one project.

  • Java basics
  • Linux command line for Java development
  • JDBC
  • Using Java with HTTP, FTP, REST and SOAP
  • Building web applications using Tomcat, JSP, HTML and servlets
  • Design patterns
  • Encryption
  • Best practices
  • Building an application and source control systems